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Thank you for being patient, for responding to all our questions immediately, and for negotiating a good price on our behalf. We love our new place, both from an investment point and a place to live!

- Dr. Emilia Popova


Thank you for all the well informed answers to my questions, your transparency, and your friendliness, which made the difficult and challenging experience of buying a home easier and more agreeable. 

- Nouha Houmad


Thank you both for helping and guiding us in selling our house. Your positive attitude, courtesy, and warm smiles made us feel at ease all along the process. We never felt the stress of selling a house as we had heard from other sellers.

- Yofi & Jak Sedaka


Thank you for the amazing job you did selling my mother’s house. It was an emotional experience that required someone with a clear vision and a plan, and you were that person. None of us could have imagined the process going as smoothly as it did, and we are grateful.  

Garran Pennington & Carolyn Roper


Vous avez démontrer en tout temps, votre dévouement et professionalisme. Je n’hésiterais pas une minute à vous recommender, et faire affaire avec vous dans le futur.

- Colette Tellier


Toutes nous félicitations pour votre excellent travail hautement professionnel. Nous avons grandement apprécié votre comportement respectueux face à certaines hésitations de notre part et aussi vos explications limpides et succinctes. Bravo! Quel beau travail!!!

- Carrol et Claire L’Italien


Vous nous avez épaulés et soutenus pour la vente de notre résidence et avez démontré un grand professionnalisme afin de mener à bien ce dossier à la satisfaction de toutes les parties prenantes. Par la suite, vous avez fait preuve d’une grande patience, compréhension et disponibilité lors de la recherche de notre nouvelle propriété et avez compris nos besoins, ce que a permis de trouver notre nouvelle résidence. Merci infiniment!

 - Christine Lord & Normand Bernier


Merci pour l’excellent service que vous nous avez rendu dans le cadre de la vente (rapide) de notre maison à Westmount. Réactivité, disponibilité, intégrité et professionnalisme sont les mots qui nous viennent à l’esprit. Vous vous investissez personnellement beaucoup, ce qui donne un petit plus à votre service, très apprécié. 

 - Benoit & Olivia Fontaine


To make a long story short, Brian strongly encouraged me into getting rid of excess furniture and knick knacks (he was right!) and he and Edouard personally carried furniture to the basement AND spent several hours staging the home. The house was transformed! From there, he directed the photo shoot, and supervised the legions of buyers and agents around the house. He regularly shared feedback to me at the end of each day. Within one week, we had two buyers, one of whom offered more than the asking price. During the subsequent inspections and expert evaluation, Brian and Edouard were always available. Thank you for your very professional and personable service.

Professor David Southmayd


I can’t thank you enough for selling my house and staging it so perfectly. You were recommended by neighbours whose house you sold in a very short time for their asking price. They were so impressed by your expertise and professionalism  and your help in searching for a new home. I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone who would like to sell their home.

 - Angie Michielsen


We wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help and support with finding our new home. We had been looking for the past 2 years and had numerous bad experiences, with so much discouragement until we met you. You were so patient, fair, genuine, honest and professional. What I most like is your approach and the fact that you actually shared your opinion in an unbiased way and that you CARED. In addition, you remained available even after the purchase and provided so much help after the fact. We are so delighted with our new home and we could not have done it without you.

- Yashar Sasha Zarrabian & Mona Golabi


Brian was absolutely great in helping us purchase our new home. He listened carefully to our needs and was very patient with us. He used his deep knowledge of the Westmount market to give us informed and objective assessments of every house we looked at. Brian’s savvy and dedication were also important in helping us beat out other potential buyers in a fiercely competitive market.

- Marc Darmo & Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garrido


A friend recommended Brian. We called him. Brian came immediately. After no more than five minutes, he identified what was lacking. Our furniture arrangement was comfortable, but made it difficult to see what a sunny, cheerful place our home was. He spent a Sunday moving things around. He was there for every visit. He knew how to show potential buyers how they would be at home in our home. In no more than three weeks of active showings, we had a bidding war. We sold our house for asking price. We couldn’t be happier. We have spent our lives in service industries. We know service when we see it. Brian and Edouard personify service. 

- David Williams, lawyer. Nathalie M.H. Dinh, Psychologist


J’aimerai offrir un conseil aux vendeurs qui décideront avec justesse de choisir Brian comme courtier. Dès le début, il nous a convaincu de mettre notre propriété en valeur. Et là je peux vous assurer que Brian a des idées très précieuse pour rendre une maison accueillante et attrayante. Ne vous avisez pas de déplacer un coussin, un pouf, une chaise avant une visite vous les retrouverez immanquablement a l’endroit exacte chois par cet expert en aménagement intérieur. Nous avons suivi ses conseils à la lettre et tous les visiteurs ont souligné la qualité de l’agencement et l’ambiance chaleureuse de la maison.

- Lynne Boivin & Bernard Tessier


You acted with professionalism and added kindness, patience and profound understanding of interpersonal relationships. We were very lucky to have you as our real estate agent. Merci Brian 

- Marie Andrée Cantillon & Dr. Richard Dabrusin


Thank you for the exceptional effort you and Edouard made in selling my home. I was very appreciative of the time you took to come to my home and work with me to declutter and stage, and ensure that it showed in its very best way. Your professional photographer did a fantastic job and provided stunning pictures that were definitely enticing to buyers. You were certainly right in your assessment that staging is the golden touch. You’re a realtor that truly cares about your clients.

- Diane E. Shrenk


Brian made staging and decoration suggestions, including the repainting of two walls, color schemes of bedroom linen, and personally moved furniture around in several rooms. Within 18 days, Brian was successful in securing an offer, which we had no qualms or hesitation accepting. Not only because of his professionalism, but also because of his acumen and knowledge of the market. We are convinced that his staging and decoration recommendations were instrumental in securing offer in the high range of our expectations. The very short delay between the listing and the offer is a testament to his expertise and his incomparable hands on approach. 

- Leonard & Elaine Serafini


“Super Agent" Brian Dutch, avec qui nous avons acheté et vendu 5 fois dans les 2 dernières décennies.

- Caroline Codsi


We were incredibly fortunate to work with Edouard Gamache, assistant to Brian Dutch. Edouard answered every question, was available at all hours, and was truly there for us every step of the way. He is a credit to the Brian Dutch team as he goes above and beyond for his clients.

- Jennifer & Max Liszkowski


Your vast experience and marketing know how as well as your website got the job done. Your wonderful aesthetic eye and creativity, as well as your professionalism have changed my view of the real estate profession for the better. Thank you for helping me on the path to making my dreams come true! 

- Katia Dallalpour


You are indeed a highly accomplished and dedicated real estate agent. We knew you were the perfect fit when the time came to selling our house. We were impressed by your vision, professionalism and sincerity. The aesthetic changes you brought allowed us to get full market value. Your strong market knowledge as well as your negotiating skills made a significant difference. Thank you for making this a fantastic experience.

 - Patrick Elkaim


Quelque mots pour te dire MERCI! Tu avais tellement raison de nous dire que cette maison était pour nous. Il n’y a pas une journée ou l'un d'entre nous ne dit pas à quel point il aime cette maison. Tu nous as vraiment bien conseillé. Ton professionnalisme, ta patience, et ton intégrité nous ont permis de faire le bon choix. 

- Anne-Marie Belanger & Pierre Fitzgibbon


Your expertise, vision, and attention were outstanding. What impressed me the most was your professionalism. You staged my home so well. I was also impressed by your great sense of aesthetics. You are a true magician. I was lucky to have you as my agent.

 - Gayle Cohen


Your, and Edouard’s cool, relaxed professional advice every step of the way made the entire process one we have learned great things from. Your personal involvement, your attention to detail, your experienced anticipation of what was to come were bang on, all contributing to the successful and quite speedy sale of our home. There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that we made the right choice in choosing you and Edouard. Thank you for making the hefty process of moving so much easier for us. 

- Jeff & Sheryl Gilman


I’m thinking of buying more homes just so that I can have you and Edouard sell them with the same amount of professionalism and courtesy that you provide Chloe and me. You brought a calm and professional perspective that really helped all parties focus and eliminate a lot of the noise that sometime surround deals. Thank you both for such an outstanding outcome.

- Ben Healy


A simple note does not begin to justify the amount of gratitude we have towards you for finding us the home of our dreams. Your unbiased honesty was exactly what we were looking for. You have an uncanny ability to paint a picture of what could be, and you you were always up front with us when something wasn’t the right fit. We always trusted your advice. Thank you for your patience, unwavering support and commitment to us. 

- Bonnie King & Richard Shatilla


What immediately impressed me about Brian was his exact, straightforward and honest description and potential of the homes that were proposed. I warmly recommend his services to anyone who would like to buy or sell a property.

- Hans Schutt


Brian and Edouard are the consummate professionals. Considerate, caring, calm and highly competent. They work tirelessly to sell your home and are always ready to answer questions and deal with your concerns. Brian’s strategy in selling our home in just five days worked like a charm. We sold above asking price. Thank you Brian and Edouard for taking the pain out of the whole process.

- Christine Stonehewer


A friend of mine suggested Brian (after speaking with him only one time!) so I gave him a call. We were awestruck by his professionalism and also his nature. He genuinely seemed to care. Brian staged my home and transformed it to an entirely different level with lighting changes, small paint jobs and his personal (extensive!) rearrangement of furniture and artwork, all of which made a HUGE difference. Brian was calm and attentive, and ensured that we got the best price for our house as well as ensuring that the overall experience was a good one. He and Edouard are amazing!

- Susie Maloney & Eric Aubertin


From start to finish, my interactions with Brian and Edouard were professional in every way. Brian staged my home, put it on the market on a Friday, and sold it at OVER ASKING price within 2 days. From my point of view, the entire process was effortless. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 20+. I have only great things to say about my experience.

- Linda Alexanian


Brian is the quintessential professional; extremely polite, respectful, attentive to the client, knowledgeable, and with appropriate boundaries that differentiate him from the real estate rat race. He clearly knows his business and is the most solid of all the agents that I have come to know.

- Dr. Audrey Juras & Allan Kobelansky


We would like to point out the exceptional professionalism that Brian has demonstrated towards the process of selling. He is an experienced agent with lots of respect for his clients. Thank you Brian for your excellent service.

- Hung Bui-Quang & Marianne Pham


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